Investment Groups
MSD’s Partnership Investments Group invests primarily in a select number of third-party hedge funds for the benefit of Dell family charitable entities, including the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (

Investment Philosophy
We apply a long-term, fundamentally oriented view towards constructing and maintaining the third-party fund investment portfolio. We seek to compound superior risk-adjusted returns over time by concentrating capital with outstanding managers who are interested in building economically aligned, long-term relationships with us.

Funds Commonly of Interest
We welcome the chance to review hedge fund investment opportunities. Strategies that we commonly find to be of interest include the following:
  • Value-oriented equity long/short (and long-biased) funds that invest based on extensive fundamental research.
  • Fundamentally oriented event-driven/distressed or special situation funds.
  • Multi-strategy funds that may be comprised of several of these types of strategies.
Given our long-term outlook, we are not averse to funds with sidepockets or longer lock-ups.  Additionally, we will generally consider funds that focus on any geography.

Strategies that tend not to be a fit include: global macro, highly levered fixed-income arbitrage, CTAs or managed futures strategies as well as quantitative funds. Additionally, we do not invest in new private equity, venture capital or real estate funds.

Contact Us
If you have a fund or other opportunity that you would like us to consider, or if you would just like to be in touch with our group, please contact Partnership Opportunities.