About Us
How many employees do you have?
We currently have approximately 120 people on our team.

What is your relationship with Mr. Dell?
We are the exclusive manager of his personal capital.

What is Mr. Dell’s day-to-day involvement in MSD Capital and its investments?
MSD Capital’s management team and other of the firm’s investment professionals oversee the firm’s investments. Mr. Dell is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the firm.

What is your relationship with Dell Inc.?
We have no connection to Dell Inc. other than through Mr. Dell.

What kind of investments do you make?
MSD Capital has a very broad mandate, currently specializing in:
  • Value-based, public investing
  • Traditional private equity investing
  • Special opportunities investing
  • Investing in real estate
  • Selectively forming “partnerships” with established third-party hedge fund managers.

What industries do you focus on?
We tend to be opportunistic in our approach to investing. As such, we select individual deals on their own merits and do not concentrate our investments in any particular industry.

How large is your capital base? How has it performed?
It has been reported publicly that MSD Capital manages in excess of $12 billion. As a private investment firm, however, we do not disclose any financial information related to the performance of our investments.

Do you manage money other than Mr. Dell's?
MSD Capital is a single family office and does not manage money for anyone other than the Dell family and qualifying employees.

I have a great investment idea to introduce to you. Where should I send it?
Please see the "Contact Us" section of our website for our contact information. Also, please be aware that due to the volume of proposals we receive, we are unable to respond to all unsolicited inquiries.

I have a great resume. Where should I send it?
We are always interested in meeting motivated, experienced professionals either for MSD Capital or one of our portfolio companies. Please send all job-related correspondence to Employment Opportunities and include a cover letter in addition to your resume.

Do you use Dell computer equipment?